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Home for the Holidays

After being away in Cheltenham for the past two months, Nathan and I have loved being back in Brooklyn for the holidays! It has been great to be back training at the Heights Casino and to visit with my sister who is also home from college for the holidays. Our schedules have been jam-packed with everything except squash for the past week! Between christmas cookie baking, gingerbread house assembly, and ice skating it has been hard to fit in any training, but a little break was just what the doctor ordered!

Now with a full belly and and clear mindset, I am ready to start the second half of the season and continue to climb the rankings! I am beginning 2017 at #71 in the world (one spot shy of my initial goal to be top 70 before Christmas - but I'll take it!). I can't wait to see what this year brings, but whatever happens, I am thrilled to be happy, healthy and finally playing squash full time!

p.s. there was some squash in the holiday festivities!

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