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New Year Training Resolutions from elite athletes in Team PH

The new year is always a good time to stand back and look at your training to identify areas in which you want to improve in the season ahead. We asked some of Team PH what their New Year's Training Resolutions are in case you're looking for some motivation for your own resolutions...

Ruth Purbrook, 2018 IRONMAN 25-29 Age Group World Champion

1) Prioritise strength and prehab sessions! My focus in 2019 is sorting my run out, so I'm looking for injury prevention and strength to help with that

2) Do as much as possible with training partners - last year I did a lot of solo miles and I find the company motivating (and great for training when with stronger people!)


Dimity-Lee Duke, 3rd at IRONMAN Western Australia 2018

"Be smart, be consistent, and be patient with the process - Overload, progression, recovery"


Carrie Lester, 2nd at IRONMAN Arizona 2018

My training goal for 2019 is to really focus on my nutrition and hydration pre, during and post sessions so I can both perform better during the sessions and also recover faster.

Hydration is one thing I often neglect, and I definitely notice how being dehydrated (and/or under-fuelled) carries over when you have 2-3 sessions per day.

Having the support of PH means no excuses!


Michelle Dillon, 2x Olympian and 2018 F45-49 ITU World Triathlon Champion

2018 was a fantastic year for me in terms of racing, reaching far beyond my expectations on my comeback to racing triathlon. Now that I've laid down some results this year, it's got me hooked back into my training in order to go back and try to do something similar next season.

Of course I have to also consider my back with my double fusion, I have a lot of issues and niggles that I deal with on a day-to-day basis when I start ramping up my training.

However, I have high hopes for staying balanced both mentally and physically and keeping on top of my strength and conditioning program in 2019.

So what will I do in 2019? 1. Aim high, work hard, and set realistic goals for myself 2. Stay consistent in my training and listen to my body 3. Make Strength and Conditioning work my priority 4. Stay hydrated in my training sessions (with my PH!) 5. Take a rest when I need it 6. Last but not least, never give up! Happy New Year to everyone I hope 2019 brings everything you go after, especially lots of good health, happiness, and laughter!


Nicolas Remires, Team Envol Swimrun team, 2nd at ÖTILLÖ Cannes 2018

In 2019, I will modify my training. The few seconds or minutes missing to win races will be gained with my new resolutions:

  1. Build a stronger and more flexible body

  2. Run and swim only quality sessions. No more junk sessions!

  3. Totally review my nutrition plan

  4. Make sure to have fun!


Charlie Pennington, 2nd in 35-39 age group at IRONMAN Copenhagen 2018.

My resolutions are pretty simple: Train more consistently. Ensure my training is of higher quality. Enjoy racing and training more. Be better at fitting training and racing around/with my family. Remember that Strength and Conditioning aren't just words... That's it. Nothing earth-shattering about this. The only thing that might affect this is that I likely to be be deployed to Nairobi for 6 months with the Royal Marines Reserve from April. Clearly this will affect my ability to train and race!


Hamish Reilly, 3rd at the 2018 British National Duathlon Champs

I would like to be more prepared for training, whether through being better hydrated going into the session, eating the correct nutrition before, or just being ready to start to make sure I can train at my very best.

I would also like to improve recovery after my session so that I can minimise injury risk and be ready for the next session.


Nathan Lake, ranked 48th in the world and 8th in the U.K at squash.

This year’s training resolution is to experiment with more methods of training, different environments, different altitudes and machines/exercises to see if I can get more out of my body.

As well as this, I plan to ask more questions of those around me and look to gain knowledge from people outside my immediate team to gain insight into how I could improve my squash.

On the court, I want to be more aggressive, that doesn’t mean towards my opponent but with my shots. Trying to create space, win shorter rallies and make my opponent do more work than me.

If I nail these things, I’ll be very happy!


Haley Mendez, ranked 42nd in the world at squash

My New Year’s Training Resolution is to improve my first step off the T, making those fast twitch muscles more powerful!

That crucial first step is so important in squash as it allows me to get to the ball faster and have more time to play my shot, while also taking time away from my opponent.

I hope that I can bring my team together to tackle this part of my game from all angles - what food/energy do I need to optimise performance? Are the mechanics/patterns of my movement on court best for me? What areas do I need to target in the gym?

To bring all of this together, into a more tangible goal, I hope to be able to hexbar deadlift 3x my body weight at a 1 rep max, and hit 19 sec on the elite squash repeated speed test! If I can do that, then I am certainly flying of the T.


Claire Hann, multiple ETU/ITU Age-Group medallist, now racing in the Pro ranks

My main 2019 training resolution is to spend more time working on skills, particularly on the bike to improve my descending, cornering and transitions.

Another key resolution is to make sure that I keep up my strength and conditioning and pre-hab work to avoid any running niggles.

Last but not least, to try and smile more during races and enjoy the experience, I don't need any more race photos of my grimacing pain face!


Jordan Foster, 2.58.37 marathon runner

My New Years Training resolutions are to quite simply work harder than ever before! I have some big goals I want to achieve with my marathon running, and I know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but I can’t wait! I have always said that consistency, drive and motivation are the key things you need for any training plan to go well, so I need to make sure I keep that in mind for when it gets tough! Bring it on!’

Whatever you're training for in 2019, best of luck from everyone here at Precision Hydration and do hit James up at if you have any questions about your hydration strategy.

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