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The Best Skincare for Athletes [FRE Skincare review]

My beauty secret? Well besides drink lots of water— be careful about what you put on your body just as much as inside it. The same way your body absorbs the nutrients you put inside it, your skin is going to absorb whatever you put on it — so finding something that is high quality and chemical free is super important. I am psyched to share [what I hope to be!] the end of your skincare search - FRE skincare which has not only solved my dry skin/ sweaty breakout problems but is perfect for any athlete!

What is 123 FREE?

FRE makes three primary products. Purify Me face wash, Revive Me serum, and Protect Me SPF moisturizer. Together these products make up 123 FRE — easy as 1-2-3. Seriously. Take it from someone who used to use face oil, face wash, toner, eye cream, night cream, etc this is THE easiest skincare routine ever.

I typically wash my face at night with the face wash, and then apply Revive Me serum. In the morning or after any workout, I rinse with water, apply another small dose of Revive Me, and then finish with Protect Me. My face feels hydrated without turning into an oil slick.

The price might seem intimidating — I hear you. $115 for three little bottles but belive me when I say I have been using the same original set for almost 6 months and I'm not at the bottom yet. We're talking under $20 a month. Not a bad deal when you consider how expensive skincare can be!

For ladies [or gentlemen] that sweat.

I am clearly no stranger to being sweaty. Squash is my life — almost literally — so it's important that my products fit into my lifestyle. Turns out that FRE skincare was developed specifically for sweaty skin. What does that mean?

FRE was actually conceptualized as a solution to traditional sunscreens that would sweat off five minutes into a run. FRE's Protect me SPF moisturizer is not only lightweight but doesn't leave your face looking ghost white after application. Sweaty or not that is a reason to keep this stuff around - my previous day cream with SPF would always leave a slight white tint to my already pretty pale skin.

All three products are also hypoallergenic [perfect for sensitive skin!], non-comedogenic [won't clog pores!], and non-animal tested. Pretty awesome!

Good for you. Good for the planet.

It's not just the best skincare I've found. It's great skincare from a company that is dedicated to giving back. For every 123FRE set that is sold, FRE will plant one Argan tree - creating a self sustaining system.

As if the 123 FRE set is not already enough of a deal - I love a good discount almost as much as I love a good sweat session. FRE is giving you 15% off your order when you use this link and use code 'HALEYMENDEZ'

If you're over sunscreens sweating off your face and stinging your eyes while out on a run or honestly just looking to up your skincare game, you need to check out FRE skincare!

**This post is in partnership with FRE Skincare - although they did send me product to try, all thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine**

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