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Withdrawal UPDATE

UPDATE: Well that escalated very quickly… Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic, I had to withdraw from the Queen City Open this week and return back to the States before the country declares a state of emergency, banning all travel and placing NYC on lockdown. Really disappointed not to be able to compete, especially after getting settled in Regina with my awesome billets and even going to the club for my morning practice before an evening match (!) However, the number one concern for everyone is the health and safety of the players. I made it back to NYC this morning after a hectic travel night, navigating the Toronto airport and US border…staying put for now. See US Squash’s official comments below. “Haley and Olivia are part of our Elite Athlete Program (EAP), that means they are officially employees of US Squash. Major corporations have been recalling their employees from all international travel and even domestic travel. We made the decision to recall our athletes, effective immediately, this was not the players choice. As such, we hope the PSA will not penalize the players in any way, they had no choice in this matter.”

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