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April World Rankings : Frozen During Shutdown

The PSA has announced that the PSA World Rankings have been frozen during the ongoing suspension of the PSA Tour due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

As announced on March 13, both the PSA World Tour and PSA Challenger Tour are currently suspended until the end of April and these frozen rankings will stay in place until the tour resumes.

The rankings are frozen as of March 16 to take into account the fact that there were three tournaments taking place over the weekend the announcement was made to suspend the tour.

The frozen rankings mean that points accrued from the 2019 edition of tournaments postponed or cancelled due to the suspension of the tour – for example the Grasshopper Cup and El Gouna International – will remain on players rankings as the 2020 edition of those events cannot take place at present. An expiry date for these points will be finalised when the tour resumes.

The same will apply for tournaments later in the year if the suspension of the tour is extended.

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